Dear readers, authors and reviewers,

we are pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Stephanie Rudwick as the new Editor-in-Chief of Modern Africa from August 2018, replacing its founding chief editor Dr. Petr Skalnik. The journal has come a long way since its first issue appearing five years ago. It was Dr. Skalnik’s vision that there was a need for a cross-disciplinary African Studies journal in the Czech Republic and we would like to sincerely thank him for his lasting role in placing Modern Africa in the circle of other African Studies journals. Stephanie Rudwick will further develop the showcasing of diverse African scholarship established by the retiring Editor-in-Chief and she will advance the internationality and multi-disciplinarity of the journal. Stephanie is a linguistic anthropologist with wide-ranging research interest and her primary concern with the study of language, culture, ethnicity and language politics in the African context might well open up new research avenues for Modern Africa. Given that the journal should have Elsevier’s Scopus accreditation we also hope to attract more and more outstanding scholars and authors from the African continent and the global North. The dedicated editorial staff hopes to also reach a broad and multifaceted African Studies audience across the world through its increasing presence online and open-scholarly access. We would like to, once again, thank Dr. Petr Skalnik as well all authors, reviewers, editorial board members, the publishing team and our readers for their continuous support.

Martin Schmiedl
Executive editor